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Coming to Theatre Deli Sheffield

3rd & 4th November 2023


Jason - Danny Evans

Ade - Robert Place

Lyndsey - Georgi Tunstall

Harry - Christy Fitzsimons

Rising stars Jason and Ade have been in the Academy of a famous London football club since they were eight years old. It's the night before their first-ever game for the first team and they're in a hotel room in Romania.


They should be sleeping, but they're over-excited. They skip, fight, mock each other, prepare their kit, watch a teammate's sex tape. And then, out of nowhere, one of them kisses the other.


The impact of this 'pass' reverberates through the next ten years of their lives – a decade of fame and failure, secrets and lies, in a sporting world where image is everything.

Directed by Michael Hudson

Produced by Amy Longbottom

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