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Twelfth Night

April 2022

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare; performed at The Montgomery on 1st & 2nd April 2022.

Join Butter Side Up Theatre Company in the charming British Pub ‘Illyria’. 

With landlord - Duke Orsino -  fawning over VIP customer Olivia, the new bartender Viola disguising herself as a boy, and regulars Toby and Andrew drinking the taps dry, no-one even notices the tricks and pranks the other staff are getting up to.

This modern setting of one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies brings together the fun and frivolity of a classic play with a cosy open-mic-night atmosphere, adding to Butter Side Up’s reputation for new and interesting productions.

With more love triangles than one can count, this modern setting for Twelfth Night is guaranteed to bring a laugh and smile to your face.


Viola - Heather Gibb

Orsino - Michael Hudson

Olivia - Alice Connolly

Toby Belch - Jamie Wainwright

Andrew Aguecheek - Andrew Wilkinson

Feste - Michael Winrow

Maria - Sian Meredith

Malvolio - Kate Spivey

Sebastian/Curio- Ellie Madeira

Fabian - Kyrie Mitchell

Antonio/Valentine - Charlie Lloyd


Director - Harry Lynch Bowers

Producer - Becky Cleary

Backstage Manager - Grace Murphey

Sound & Lighting - Alison Brelsford

Llynch Bowers, the cast and crew have produced an irreverent and funny show. From the immersive set design to the entertaining performances and tech choices, this is a refreshing adaptation that made an alcohol-free venue feel like a faraway cocktail bar for the ages.

Last Night I Dreamt

The production is rife with good performances, with genuine comic-timing and camaraderie between the characters.

Watch the full production of Twelfth Night

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