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Last Night of Freedom

February 2023

It’s the big night! Maid of Honour Vicky and Best Man Luke have been planning for months and the infamous Hen Do and Stag Night is finally upon them.

They have timed everything to the second to ensure that the bride and groom don’t bump into each other that evening, hoping to spare everyone the heinous display of PDA that would inevitably follow. Of course, things won’t work out as they want. Follow as the two parties face the turmoil of closed bars, heart to hearts, and a secret relationship that threatens to disrupt the evening.

From the writer of Game of Thrones: The Spoof Musical, Butter Side Up Theatre Company presents the latest work from Sian Meredith. Her fast paced and relatable style tells a hilarious tale full of dry wit, slapstick humour, and enough penis shaped hen do paraphanalia to make anyone's evening! Think Gavin and Stacey meets Godber's Bouncers & Shakers!

Vicky - Liza Dacre-Pearson
Luke - Michael Hudson
Laura - Amy Longbottom
Ivan - Rob Place
Kit - Michael Winrow
Liz - Becky Cleary
Paul - Jonathan Hurd
Kieran - Charlie Lloyd
Daniel - Connor Varley
Peter - Andrew Wilkinson
Backstage Fairy - Rob Lee


Director - Sian Meredith

Producer - Rhi Idris

Backstage Manager - Harry Lynch Bowers

Thanks to The Library Theatre and 

Hybrid3 Studios

Sian Meredith’s script is outstanding. It is hilarious with moments of deeper emotions scattered throughout. It is also very relatable – everyone will be able to see themselves in at least one character.

Last Night I Dreamt

Last Night of Freedom is great fun. It has a strong cast and a funny script and it is definitely a show not to miss. There is a lot of life left in this play and I very much hope it gets a future, longer life.

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