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Game of Thrones: The Spoof Musical

October 2021

Game of Thrones: The Spoof Musical was performed on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October 2021 at Theatre Deli, Sheffield. This original production is a satirical reimagining of Season 8 of HBO's hit TV show. 

Join Jon, Sansa, Danaerys, Cersei and *some* of your favourite characters as they sing through their feelings, fighting the White Walkers as well as each other. 

Expect songs from Ke$ha, Mika, and Rihanna to liven up the drab scenes of Winter and ruined character development. 

Writer and Director, Sian Meredith brings Westeros to life with a healthy dose of bitter sarcasm, dry wit, and enough Game of Thrones trivia to keep any fan happy.

“Rehearsals have been filled with laughter” says writer and director Sian Meredith. “We bonded as a cast over the things we loved and loathed about the TV show, and now working hard to bring the silliness to stage is even better.

“Pop music is so light and fun and such the opposite to the usual tone of Westeros that it felt like the perfect genre to display the characters’ hidden feelings.”


Danaerys - Becky Cleary

Jon - Kyle Baker

Sansa - Heather Gibb

Arya - Bethan Tanner

Cersei/Bran/Night King - Tara MU

Jaime - Chris MU

Brienne - Andrew Wilkinson

Varys/Podrick - Jamie Wainwright

Tyrion - Robert Place

The Hound/Euron - Robert Lee

Tormund - Harry Lynch Bowers


Director - Sian Meredith

Producer - Rhi Walker

Choreographer - Michael Hudson

Stage Manager - Rob Eagle

Lighting Technician - Colton Holland

Photography - Scott Gist

The clear standout number being Prince’s Purple Rain, performed with the strongest vocal performance of the night by Kyle Baker as Jon Snow and well-pitched interjections from Becky Cleary as Daenerys

Daniel O'Key

And the cardboard construction of the titular Iron Throne was genuinely impressive and a credit to the talent of those who created it.

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