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Batman: A Spoof Musical Cast and Crew

Batman: A Spoof Musical

September 2017

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the wrong DC hero reference? 

It’s Batman: A Spoof Musical!

Batman: A Spoof Musical! is a one-act parody of Batman, which sees three infamous villains try to take over Gotham using the power of Musical Theatre! It’s very much camp 1960’s Adam West Batman with a few moments of Bale and Batfleck thrown in too. It’s a jukebox musical featuring songs from old school Broadway to modern classics so you’ll hopefully already be familiar with the songs!

Join Bruce, Dick and Alfred as they tackle the craze of the great white way taking over their beloved city and their attempts to stop it.

Batman: A Spoof Musical was performed alongside a showcase of spoofs called Spoof! There It Is! A selection parodies from TV, Film, Internet Sketches and original devising from Butter Side Up members.


Batman / Bruce Wayne - Scott Gist

Robin / Dick Grayson - Callam Fellows

Alfred - Robert Place

Joker - Alice Hardy-Fraser

Catwoman - Becky Cleary

Penguin - Chris Hicks

Hehe The Henchwoman - Bethan Tanner

Haha The Henchwoman - Emily Bridden

Hoho The Henchwoman - Heather Gibb

Giggle the Henchman - Robert Lee

Guffaw the Henchman - Max Marriott

Various - Sarah El Nayal


Director - Michael Hudson

Writers - Michael Hudson & Lucy Smith-Jones

Sound - Colton Holland

Lighting - Ben White

Photography - Lucy Smith Jones

FOH - Annie Bolstridge

All of the cast performing the spoofs displayed great comic timing and acting skills, while the writers of the sketches should also be praised, as it was hard to spot the original from the classic sketches.

Full of fun choreography and fight scenes as well as a script full of enough Batman trivia and sarcasm to delight any fans of the cape crusader, the musical, should also receive an award for the best unexpected use of a Queen song, whose lyrics fitted perfectly into the plot.

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