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Five Weeks In: An Update of Rehearsals

Michael Hudson, Director and Co-Writer of Batman: A Spoof Musical gives us an update of how things are going:

"Energetic. That is the way to sum it up. Energetic. I have been blown away with the tenacity and passion that all of the cast have shown already in rehearsals. It is a lovely feeling watching people enjoy your writing but even more so when they can take the words and bring to life in a way even you didn’t expect. Even from the first readthrough I have seen the cast add flourish to their characters and show commitment to becoming a comic book caricature. From Scott Gists juxtaposition from Adam West to Christian Bale, to the perfectly times squawks from Chris Hicks, it’d brilliant to see scripts going down and characters coming up.

This isn’t just a normal Batman script either. The musical element is adding an extra level of fun and that extra level of hard work too. The cast will tell you how my heart melts when I see them grasping choreography, which I know isn’t everyone’s favourite thing, and all the segments falling into place. Directing and Choreographing is a challenge but is so incredibly worth it to see henchmen, villains and butlers doing step digs and kick ball changes. We’ve had several rehearsals where we have learnt the entire song in one sitting and I have faith that the cast will put in their share of work outside rehearsals to perfect them.

We have blocked several scenes and learnt most of the dances now. We are storming forward as if we were in a high-tech, modified stealth car that’s definitely not road legal. As the show gets closer and temperature inside the rehearsal studio rises, it might not be as cushy as the foam abs and biceps of the Batman and Robin costumes, but I am confident that we’ll still be laughing at puns, swapping ideas, and singing the songs with gusto."

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