Annual General Meeting 16th September

Present: Michael Hudson, Becky Cleary, Lucy Smith Jones

Apologies: Rob Lee, Emily Briddon, Scott Gist, Callam Fellowes, Sarah El-Nayal, Joe Hobson, Emily Capp, Fern Strawson, Danny Grace, Jamie Wainwright.

1) Chairwoman Becky Cleary welcomed everyone to the AGM and gave a summary of Butter Side Up Theatre Company’s first year.

Becky gave a speech that showed her pride in what BSU have achieved in the first 12 month of operation. This included 5 dedicated committee members and 31 active members. Becky was very proud that Butter Side Up have had no “drama” or social issues between members that have escalated to the point of being brought to the commitee’s attention.

In 12 months, BSU have hosted 4 bakeries at the Royal Standard and by the end of September will have put on two full productions: A Series Of Unfortunate Plays and Batman: A Spoof Musical.

The Bakeries have given performance opportunities to our members and been a superb source to raise money. The committee believe that holding the events quarterly gives enough intrigue and allows people long enough between events to happily keep attending. Becky gave thanks to Lucy for building the Bakery as her project. Thanks also to royal standard for free and welcoming venue, and everyone who's performed or supported at any of the 4 events.

In March we performed the SOUP trilogy, our first big show of 3 plays by Joe Hobson.

Butter Side Up loved putting all 3 original shows in one night, and we got amazing feedback from audiences and the cast about our first project as a theatre company. The feedback included that a 2nd night would have been good and given the cast more opportunity to showcase their hard work.

A big Thank You to Joe Hobson for allowing us to perform and debut your work and Theatre Delicatessen for an amazing venue that worked with the pieces really well.

Batman: A Spoof Musical ticket sales going really well and two nights is a new big step for BSUTC. Becky thanked Michael for his directing efforts and writing the piece with Lucy.

The process has been helped by our rehearsal and performance venues of Practice Sheffield and DINA Venue respectively.

Becky did state that Butter Side Up need to increase the social side of the theatre company including post rehearsal drinks, and organised group nights out that are not just after party celebrations following a performance.

2) Treasurers report.

Lucy Smith Jones gave a brief presentation on the finances of the first 12 months of Butter Side Up Theatre Company. For full information, Butter Side Up Members are permitted to request to see the presentation slides and spreadsheet of the full finances.

Butter Side Up Theatre Company on this date had a balance of £226.

3) Committee elections

Michael Hudson talked through the process of voting to present members. This included the option of Re-Open Nominations and the majority needed from each applicant to be a Trustee/Committee Member.

All proposed trustees spoke about why they should be elected and their experience needed for the specific role they are running for. Votes were cast by paper balloting confirmed by Michael and Becky.

The following Trustees were elected with the votes as such:

Becky Cleary as Chair - 14 votes

Michael Hudson as Secretary - 14 votes

Lucy Smith Jones as Digital Media Director - 14 votes

Heather Gibb as Member Representative - 14 votes

Ben Poole as Treasurer - 13 votes 1 Re-Open Nomination

The newly elected committee will meet and set up the projected work for the upcoming 12 months.

4) ButterSideUpNext

The committee are excited to produce Butter Side Up’s first Shakespeare production.

They announced that the Director would be is Bethan Tanner with Lucy Smith Jones as the Producer.

Bethan spoke to the membership about her experience in directing and her plans for Macbeth. She answered questions from the members with the assistance of the committee in regards to auditions, rehearsals, theme and concept.

Bethan promised that Macbeth will have prominent dark vibes, and will retain the grungy, dark and bloody content. However rehearsals are going to be fun and lively. The production will have equal gender split and lots of work on understanding the language. The script will be slightly redacted but still a full 2 hour show and all major scenes will still be included. The production team and committee are still considering a few options in regards to setting but none of them are before the year 1900.

Auditions will be in November and the performance(s) at the end of March to give longer rehearsal time.

5) Future timeline

Lucy showcased a proposed timeline for activity for Butter Side Up from now until the next AGM in September 2018.

This included 4 Bakeries and an increased number of productions of 3 in 1 calendar year.

For more information, members are permitted to request to see the presentation slides.

6) Membership renewal

As original members will soon have to renew their membership, Michael Hudson advised the membership that he would be emailing them telling them of their renewal date shortly before hand to give notice to make a new membership payment.

It was noted that if circumstances were explained like a delayed payment due to pay day, terms could be agreed upon with the committee before removal from social media groups.

7) Member Discussion and Feedback

Becky Cleary welcomed the membership to bring to the attention of the committee anything they think could improve the running of Butter Side Up Theatre Company.

The discussion made the following points which will be brought up at upcoming committee meetings for further consideration.

  • Moving the August Bakery to later in September to allow for bigger audience including a student audience.

  • Look into the possibility of hosting a murder mystery project to boost confidence of members newer to performance and more opportunities for members to be involved if they're not in the current production.

  • Creating films and video content as acting projects like comedy web series or film adaptations of plays.

  • Rehearsal venues - looking for alternative venues that are more suitable with less noise from other users, and adequate heating for the season.

  • Butter Side Up are open to proposals of licensed performances. When proposals open, members can argue in their proposal why they think it is of benefit of BSU to perform the piece in question.

  • A big thank you and well done to Scott Gist for designing the Butter Side Up logo.

  • Butter Side Up are offering members to buy T-Shirts at £12 each. Additional shirts will be ordered for future orders and to sell at Butter Side Up performances and projects.

8) Close

Becky Cleary thanked people for coming and welcomed all to join the committee for a drink.

The next AGM will be in September 2018. Date and location will be confirmed no later than August 2018.

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