Committee Meeting 7th June 2017

Present: Lucy Smith Jones, Becky Cleary and Michael Hudson Absent: None

1) Finance

Before Batman: A Spoof Musical auditions, the current statement of Butter Side Up bank account is £228.13.

Once all show fees and new membership fees have been collected from Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There it is, the statement will be £398.13.

Lucy has now been paid back in full for the website fees. Becky and Michael have no money to claim back.

It was proposed that on Saturday 8th July 2017, all committee members shall meet at Yorkshire Bank to update administration and roles on the bank account.

It was proposed that there was some money that could be spent on a long term purchase for the theatre company and not just for one production.

Lucy suggested that a personalised stamp to show entrance into Butter Side Up events would only be around £15 and it would reduce cost on tickets but still allow front of house staff to be vigilant with audience numbers and entrance. It was RESOLVED unanimously that we should go ahead and make this purchase. Lucy Smith Jones to complete and update the committee on total price and arrival of the stamp.

Michael suggested that we look into buying some black t-shirts with the BSU logo on the breast. These would paid for by the membership who requested one but the company would buy several extras in various sizes so that front of house staff, backstage, and bakery performances could all be made to look more professional with branded BSU attire. It was RESOLVED unanimously that Michael Hudson would look into different places to get these printed and get a quote.

It was suggested that a backdrop or pop up banner could be purchased to ensure uniformity to filmed projects and also make clear when Butter Side Up is performing. Through connections at work, Michael Hudson said he would look into quotes and different sizes and styles of banners. It was RESOLVED to revisit the issue at a later date with more information.

It was proposed that all monetary transactions from memberships should now only be accepted in BACS to Lucy as treasurer, or in cash to Michael or Becky. Payments must be made in full and not in installments. It was RESOLVED unanimously that this should be adopted with immediate effect.

It was noted that payment using the PayPal button on the website takes a transaction fee of £0.70. To avoid the loss of money to Butter Side Up, it was RESOLVED that we place a £0.70 payment fee for using the PayPal. Lucy Smith Jones to action.

2) Auditions

Michael and Lucy were very happy with the quality and range of auditions for Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There it is. The venue (Theatre Delicatessen) were a pleasure to work with and were very helpful even with their busy craft fair going on at the same time.

Auditions reaped 6 new members to the theatre company which is great news.

Several video auditions were sent in and they resulted in several people being cast. It was agreed to continue to allow video auditions for future productions.

It was suggested that more effort should be placed on notifying and encouraging existing members of BSU to audition as there have been comments that people forgot because they were not informed regularly enough or with enough detail. It was RESOLVED that for future productions the Members page on Facebook and the email addresses for admin purposes should be used more heavily.

3) Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There it is.

Rehearsal have begun very successfully for the 2 part show. Energy was instantly shown by existing and new members and Michael Hudson is very optimistic about the weeks to come.

It was noted there were absences and late notice from some cast members and it was RESOLVED that Michael Hudson is to go over the rules of BSU again at rehearsals and are the process of absence and apologies clear in the cast page.

Michael Hudson is to post on a weekly basis in the cast page who is needed and what the rehearsal will consist of. This is to allow members to prepare their time and work accordingly.

Due to a job opportunity in China, Danny O’Key has had to withdraw from both Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There it is. It was RESOLVED to offer the part of Giggle and Goon 2 to Joe Singer, and offer the sketches in Spoof! There It Is to the existing cast of Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There It Is before offering to the rest of the existing BSU membership. It was agreed that the replacements would be approved and agreed before the rehearsal on Sunday 2nd July.

The committee have looked at the hiring of two different venues for the performance of Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There It Is: Yellow Arch Studios and DINA Venues.

Yellow Arch has a capacity of 100 and various tech elements as part of their venue. The bar would be available to cast and audience until late however the location is a worry as it is not easily accessible for pedestrians in the City Centre. Yellow Arch are available on Friday 29th September 2017 for a fee of £250.

DINA venue is less equipped technology wise but has a more interesting space to work with and a very creative venue team who are supportive of the piece. DINA has a capacity of 60-70 but is based right in the heart of the city centre. They have availability on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September for £100 per night. DINA also would allow for unlimited set up time and tech rehearsal and offered an open door policy for the run up to the show to experiment with seats and tech planning.

It was noted that in SOUP trilogy, there was some deflation over only having one performance it was suggested that booking both nights at DINA venue would allow for more audience, two performances to increase performer morale and at less cost than Yellow Arch.

It was RESOLVED unanimously for Michael Hudson to message DINA venue to confirm a performance on both Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September. Lucy Smith Jones to pay deposit or in full once details confirmed with the venue.

It was RESOLVED to give a £50 marketing budget and the following ideas will be researched, costed and agreed upon individually in the run up to the show:

- Bigger Sponsored posts on Facebook to attract a wider audience.

- An advert in the programme for The Funky Beaver Show.

- Printed flyers to hand out at Comic Con in August 2017.

After floating some ideas about different promotional videos that could work for Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There It Is, it was RESOLVED that Lucy Smith Jones would create a suggested timetable of filming, editing and posting to present to the cast and the committee.

It was proposed that for an element of fun, a discount should be offered on the ticket price to those who come in SuperHero fancy dress. It was RESOLVED that the ticket price will be £6 for all ages/status and £5 for those in fancy dress.

It was proposed that the poster should remain simple just like the existing social media posts but with an element to showcase the parody element. It was RESOLVED that Lucy Smith Jones would make a draft copy to show the committee as soon as possible so that it can be published as soon as the venue is confirmed.

4) Bakery and Workshops.

It was proposed that a Summer Bakery should take place to keep full membership involved and as a chance to promote Batman: A Spoof Musical and Spoof! There It Is.

It was RESOLVED that Lucy Smith Jones would message the Royal Standard and request the date of Sunday 6th August 2017 and that Becky Cleary would message membership and organise the performances.

It was noted that Lucy Smith Jones has applied for studio space and once this is confirmed a date can be set for the Headshot workshop previously discussed.

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