Committee Meeting 6th April 2017

Present: LSJ BC MH Absent: N/A

1) Minutes and Apologies All committee members are present and there are no apologies needed.

All committee members confirmed that they have read the previous minutes and agreed they were a true account of the previous meeting.

2) A Series of Unfortunate Plays Summary

The SOUP trilogy had an audience of 83 people. Two tickets were free of charge from the competition and 81 audience members paid an entrance fee of £5.

The committee and production team were very happy with the turnout for the event. There were more audience members than expected at our maiden event and it was encouraging to see several members of the audience who seemed to have no connection to the cast or Butter Side Up members. The show has received several positive reviews on social media and this a good sign that both members and members of the public are approving of the content were are producing.

There were initial areas of stress in the venue of Theatre Delicatessen. The capacity was one third of what we were initially told but we feel that the capacity we had was suitable for the production. This will be better researched for future use of any venue.

It was noted that in future there should be more time allocated for a technical rehearsal. For both sound and light purposes and so that the cast and production team can get a better idea of the space.

The venue itself worked very well for the atmosphere the show desired and the location was very convenient. The staff at the Theatre Delicatessen were very helpful and supportive of the entire event.

It was suggested that for certain shows we could use the venue again with better planning. It was RESOLVED that for future performance spaces the Theatre Delicatessen shall remain a viable option to consider.

It was suggested that at certain times of the year Victoria Works will not be a suitable venue because of the location, walking in that area during dark hours could make members feel unsafe, and with lack of light and heat the venue would be uncomfortable to work in. It was RESOLVED that for projects in the Winter months an alternative rehearsal venue will be booked.

3) Finance Update

Following the production of A Series of Unfortunate Plays, Butter Side Up has £407.51 across the Yorkshire Bank account and the secondary transaction account of BC. The odd few pence is because of donations and transaction fees from PayPal.

It was noted that because of cash payments for membership and scripts and being paid in instalments, cash is becoming difficult to manage. It was suggested moving forward with the following method of handling cash:

  • Payments cannot be made in instalments for membership, show fees, scripts or any other payment to Butter Side Up.

  • All members will be encouraged to use BACS to pay to the transactional account wherever possible and if cash must be used it must be given in full to LSJ as treasurer.

It was RESOLVED and agreed upon by all committee members that money shall be handled in this manner with immediate effect.

Below is a breakdown of the income and outgoings related to A Series of Unfortunate Plays:

Membership and Show Fees +£155.00 Script Printing Charges +£10.00 Victoria Works Rehearsal Venue-£135.00 Theatre Delicatessen Performance Venue -£214.40

Facebook Advertisement -£10.00

Ticket Revenue Total +£405.00

Total +£210.60

4) The Bakery

It was suggested to host another Bakery event to keep up member engagement before the next production begins and to welcome any new members before auditions to encourage a feeling of member community.

It was noted that as there is no organised rehearsals for Bakery and the existing venue of the Royal Standard does not charge us to perform there, that the Bakery donations are pure profit.

It was commented that not too many Bakeries should be held incase support or interest from members or audience could begin to fall.

It was suggested to continue naming the Bakery from now on with the number event it is. To avoid people feeling there is a theme for the evening and to encourage repeat attendance. It was RESOLVED that the next Bakery shall be called “The Bakery 3.0”

It was RESOLVED that another Bakery should be held in May 2017 with a provisional date of Sunday 28th May 2017.

LSJ volunteered to take responsibility for organising the event again. It was RESOLVED for LSJ to contact the Royal Standard and request booking for that date. Having learned from the previous event, more technical ideas have become aware to LSJ and she will seek to ask members for performance ideas closer to the time and once the venue is confirmed.

5) Batman: The Spoof Musical

MH had asked for feedback about the first draft of the script. LSJ suggested that some jokes from the original seemed slightly outdated and more work needed to be put in to better showcase the original characters the play is based upon and to reflect modern sensitivity. It was RESOLVED that LSJ and MH will organise a time between them to make further edits to the script.

Batman: The Spoof Musical, is how the show will be billed to avoid copyright infringement and to showcase to audience the style and tone of the production. The evening will be in two parts, beginning with a showcase of spoof scenes and sketches, followed by the one act spoof musical.

MH has begun compiling a list of potential sketches to be included but suggested there should be some original writing present instead of all existing pieces. It was RESOLVED that LSJ would assist in creating the showcase set list including ideas and writing for the original writing.

It was suggested that auditions would be held on Saturday 17th June 2017. It was suggested that another venue should be found that is easier to find for new members and auditionees. It was RESOLVED that alternative venues should be researched for auditions on the above mentioned date. If no suitable alternative can be found, Victoria Works shall be booked for a 3 hour slot.

It was suggested by MH to have a break in rehearsals around the half way point. This will allow an appropriate time for scripts to have been learnt and for members and production team to have time at weekends to pursue other interests, projects or personal trips. It was RESOLVED to plan out a calendar for rehearsals and find the best period of 2 or 3 weeks to take a rehearsal break.

It was proposed that the performance of Batman: The Spoof Musical should take place on Saturday 30th September 2017. It was RESOLVED to put this as the date and to look into venues that are suitable for the production and are available to book.

6) Workshops

It was suggested once more to hold a workshop run by LSJ to produce headshots for members of Butter Side Up. It was planned to have a venue booked for Lucy to advise on headshots and photograph members. Butter Side Up members will have no charge and this may encourage new members to join at the advantage of getting headshots to be used for personal or professional purposes as well as use for Butter Side Up programmes. It was RESOLVED to look at dates in May that would be suitable for Lucy and to book a time period at Victoria Works.

It was suggested that other workshops should be planned for the summer months including dancing and singing. It was RESOLVED to ask the members what activities or skills they would like to take part in and develop. It was RESOLVED to request members to assist with a workshop based on skills they have and are willing to share.

7) Annual General Meeting

As stated on the governing document of Butter Side Up, an AGM must be held before the 22nd September 2017. It was suggested that September 16th 2017 would be a suitable date. It was RESOLVED that a venue shall be booked on that date, and two weeks prior the Secretary shall inform all members by email as well as social media notifications.

It was proposed that two new committee members be added to the list of Trustees for Butter Side Up: Treasurer and Marketing Manager.

As LSJ is only interim treasurer, it would better to assign a full time treasurer to look after finances and LSJ can concentrate further on Multi Media.

BC and MH have been spearheading the marketing of the theatre company and projects but a full time committee member to lead the process with the assistance of MH and BC would be more beneficial, leaving MH and BC to concentrate further on the roles of Chair and Secretary.

It was RESOLVED that at the AGM there will be a vote taken by members present to elect two new trustees to the committee. Members wishing to go for either role must submit their application prior to the agenda for the AGM being published.

8) Any Other Business

It was proposed by MH to take note of a friend who offers a service of radio microphones. Jess Widdowson and her children's drama school has 6 radio microphones that they offer to rent out. As well as a mixing desk and a person to assist with the use of the equipment, the microphones can be hired for a fee. It was RESOLVED that this shall be taken into consideration for future shows dependant on content and venue.

It was suggested that when discussing future projects for Butter Side Up the committee should consider several options including Shakespeare, Other License Free works, Projects of Devised writing, and more contemproary and risqué theatre without the worry of receiving approval from a Student’s union.

9) Next Meeting

It was suggested that another meeting should be held at the end of April 2017. It was RESOLVED that a date would be organised amongst the committee towards the end of the month.

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