Butter Side Up Committee Meeting 8th January 2017

Present: BC MH and LSJ

1) Treasurer

Because of the lack of activity and communication from Peter Neild it was agreed to remove him from the committee.

Lucy Smith Jones has previous experience in handling money and the use of spreadsheets and volunteered to take on the responsibility of Treasurer.

It was RESOLVED that Lucy would become the Interim Treasurer and at the Annual General Meeting there would be an election for a Treasurer.

Peter has been notified of the decision by Becky Cleary and in the week beginning 9th January, Becky and Lucy will take steps with the bank account to remove Peter from the account and give Lucy powers of payment etc.

2) Finance

Lucy Smith Jones showed the committee a spreadsheet of all expenditure and income of Butter Side Up Theatre Company.

Based on this information, at the end of December 2016, we had £111.91. This will contribute to the cost of future productions.

Lucy is to set up the internet banking for the bank account and consolidate all cash into one account.

Lucy is now in possession of all literature and documents to do with the finances of the theatre company.

It was RESOLVED that Lucy would give a report and updated spreadsheet at every committee meeting.

3) A Series of Unfortunate Plays

Following discussions of a time frame for rehearsals and performances of the triple bill of Joe Hobson’s plays it was RESOLVED that the following time frame would be planned for and booked as soon as possible:

Saturday 28th January - 12-3pm - Auditions - Victoria Works

Saturday 4th February - 3-6pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 11th February - 3-6pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 18th February - 12-3pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 25th February - 12-3pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 4th March - 12-3pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 11th March - 12-3pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 18th March - 12-3pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 25th March - 12-3pm - Rehearsal - Victoria Works

Saturday 31st March - Performance - Venue TBC.

Sunday 1st April - Possible Performance - Venue TBC

It has been discussed with Victoria Works for us to rehearse during these times and dates. The total cost for the hire of the space during this times would be £135. It was RESOLVED that Becky Cleary would book this space and pay any fees in the week beginning 9th January.

The performance is planned for Saturday 31st March 2017 and several venues are potential performance spaces.

The requirements, features and costs of the following venues is in the process of being compiled for the committee to make a final decision:

The Montgomery Studio


Theatre Delicatessen

It was agreed that based on venue choice, cost and other factors would decide whether the evening was performed once or twice.

It was RESOLVED that a performance venue would be decided on and booked before Auditions.

It was discussed amongst the committee who would be the most suitable directors for the two plays that Joe Hobson will not be directing. After asking members and fans of the Facebook to put themselves forward, the committee received proposals from several people.

It was unanimously agreed that the directors of the three plays are as follows:

Night of the Living Fred - Edward J Steel

Not Another Horror Story - Jamie Wainwright

#Hashtag - Joe Hobson

The two directors who applied will be notified of our decision and if they agree they will be present at the next committee meeting to discuss necessary information before auditions.

It was RESOLVED that Michael Hudson would notify the successful and unsuccessful candidates via email as soon as possible.

4) Audition Packs

It was proposed that one audition pack would be created for those looking to be part of SOUP trilogy.

After a discussion of content and publication it was RESOLVED that Michael would compile a synopsis of all three plays, a message from Joe Hobson the writer, a rehearsal schedule and map to locations, and 3 example monologues. It was RESOLVED that Michael would send all content to Lucy to create into a document in accordance to Butter Side Up’s branding guidelines.

5) Website

Lucy showed the rest of the committee some updates that have been done to the website.

Everyone was happy with the changes and impressed with the functionality of different pages.

It was agreed that more content needed to be created and that information would primarily be displayed on the site and to encourage members and audience to visit the website to get the information.

It was RESOLVED that certain blogs and written content would be created by or chased up by each of the committee members to have another website update before the next committee meeting.

6) Social Media

It was suggested that more activity should be on twitter and instagram accounts to encourage people from multiple platforms.

As much information as possible would be placed onto the website and all social media would attempt to redirect people to one location on the website rather than displaying the information multiple times online.

It was RESOLVED that Michael will create a monthly social media plan to organise when posts should be scheduled, with which media and how to encourage visitors to the website.

It was RESOLVED that Michael would create a private Facebook group for members of Butter Side Up beyond the public page for discussions about rehearsals, socials and other elements that non-members do not need to see.

7) Future Shows

It was proposed that a basic outline for the calendar year should be planned out and this can be built upon further and throughout the year.

It was RESOLVED that an initial plan for 2017 is as follows:

February 2017 - The Bakery: A Bakers Dozen

March 2017 - The SOUP Trilogy

May 2017 - The Bakery

June 2017 - Headshot Workshop

June 2017 - Batman! Auditions

July 2017 - Dancing Workshop

September 2017 - Batman!

September 2017 - Annual General Meeting

November 2017 - The Bakery: Anniversary

8) Next Meeting

It was RESOLVED that the next meeting would be held the week beginning 16th January 2017 on a day that suited as many people as possible. It was agreed to invite the directors of the SOUP trilogy to also discuss details before auditions on 28th January.

All absences must be sent to the Secretary no less than 2 hours before the agreed meeting time.

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