Upcoming Shows

If you weren't at the meeting, never fear, let us tell you about the shows we are planning to put on.

THE BAKERY (HALF BAKED) The Bakery will be a showcase of work-shopped rehearsed pieces. You can perform, whatever you wish to perform. Whether that's singing, dancing, acting, comedy, monologue, stand up or even juggling - the bakery is here to show off your talents. All you need to do is email us at buttersideuptheatre@gmail.com letting us know what you want to perform.The committee will also choose some people to perform certain pieces throughout the rehearsal process. The purpose of this, is as an introductory to the Theatre Company, to scope out all the talent we have, and for you to be able to perform without having to go through an audition first. We are looking have this on 26th November.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING FRED, NOT ANOTHER HORROR STORY & # HASHTAG These 3 plays are original pieces written by Joe-Elliott Hobson. They are all about 25 minutes long and will all be performed on one night. There will be 3 separate casts and 3 separate directors. We are looking for directors for Night of the Living Fred and Not Another Horror Story, so please have a think about whether you would be interested in doing this. Auditions will be in January 2017, and the show will be put on mid-March 2017.

Night of the Living Fred - Trapped in the building which they work and struggling to cope with what is now reality. A comedy in which these few employees must stand together over greater foes than what seems to be dead rising.

Not Another Horror Story - David is now a well known playwright. The struggle of writing a follow up leads him to touch upon themes of horror, to which his wife, Fiona, is untroubled by, In this black comedy we see David's ideas come alive as his sudden interest in horror may have lead to a dark and sinister turn.

# Hashtag - In what now is a dark and technology free future, survivors try and track down the turning point in which a simple key threw mankind to the dark ages.

After all this excitement, we will be looking into doing musicals and opening up proposals to anyone who has always wanted to put on a certain show.

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