Butter Side Up Committee Meeting Saturday 8th October 2016

Butter Side Up Theatre Company

Committee Meeting

8th October 2016

Present: Becky Cleary, Michael Hudson Absent: Lucy Smith-Jones

1) Apologies

Lucy gave her apologies and was not available.

2) Official Set Up

On 22nd September the three committee members signed the governing document and activated Butter Side Up Theatre Company as a charity.

It was RESOLVED that on or before 22nd September 2017, an Annual General Meeting would be held.

3) Bank Account

Becky and Michael went to Yorkshire Bank to set up a Trustee Account as advised by HMRC, but on arrival they were advised by the bank to open a Club and Society Account. This required booking an appointment and came with limitations.

The account will be limited to 10 transactions per month or face a charge of £5 per month. This was deemed acceptable and there will be steps taken to ensure all activity happens within 10 transactions such as membership being paid in cash and then deposited as a lump sum into the account.

It was RESOLVED that at 10:30am on Saturday 15th October 2016, an appointment with Yorkshire Bank would set up Butter Side Up Theatre Company’s bank account as a Club and Society account.

Once set up, a list of allowances and guidelines for the running of the account will be given to the acting Finance Manager.

4) Launch Event

A previously agreed upon date of 15th October 2016 will be the Welcome Meeting for Butter Side Up.

It was RESOLVED that Becky would book some tables at The Graduate to ensure there is space for members and the committee can meet and talk.

It was RESOLVED that Michael would print 50 membership forms in preparation for the event and an extra would be kept on file. Michael will also prepare a list version to take record of members. Michael will also print the Butter Side Up logo to highlight where the committee are at the meeting.

All trustees are needed in attendance to talk about a range of activity to all prospective members. 5) Website

It was suggested that the website should be up and fully functioning in time for the Launch event on Saturday 15th October.

It was agreed that any draft copy should be removed and all other information updated before the launch including the committee, membership form, governing document, third party blogs, and visual content.

The domain should be purchased so we can publicise the website as professional as possible.

It was RESOLVED that Lucy would confer with Becky and Michael until all were happy with the website and then purchase the domain.

6) First Project

It was previously agreed that the first project will be a variety showcase of workshopped pieces called “The Bakery: Half Baked”

It was agreed that we wanted this to happen before the end of the year and not to clash with other performance group calendars.

It was RESOLVED that Michael would look into The Montgomery for 26th November as a performance space and as a rehearsal space for 2-3 hours at a time before then. Becky would look into the same date but at Victoria Works and Theatre Delicatessen. It was RESOLVED to also look into the possibility of using free spaces in Hallam Union for rehearsal space.

It was RESOLVED that content for The Bakery would be part suggested by the performers and part of suggestions from the committee of what they believe would work well. The committee members are to think of two or three monologues, songs, or short scenes that they’d like to assign to performers.

It was RESOLVED that the event would rely on social media marketing and to save costs not use printed posters.

It was suggested to have “pay as you feel” entry but this came with the chance that people could pay nothing as some of the target market is students. It was RESOLVED that an entry charge of £2 would be asked for to attend The Bakery.

It was RESOLVED that Michael would make a simple poster to display on social media once a venue is confirmed.

7) Joe Hobson’s plays

It was previously agreed to have a triple billing of three original shows written by Joe Hobson as the first major project of Butter Side Up.

It was suggested that the three plays should be rehearsed and performed by separate casts and directors to increase the number of people who can get involved. It was RESOLVED to I've Joe first refusal of being a director to one of the pieces and the others would be open to members.

It was suggested that auditions should take place in the second week of January with a venue and date to specified closer to the time. The audition panel would be the directors of the three plays and at least 2 of the trustees to ensure fairness.

It was suggested that a performance date of March 25th would give enough time to rehearse and not clash with other theatre activity in the area.

It was RESOLVED that Becky and Michael would look into rehearsal venues and performance venues for this project as well.

8) Finance Manager

Following the resignation of Ella, it was publicised that Butter Side Up were looking for another Finance Manager. Candidates emailed the committee about themselves and their experience and it was decided by the Chair and Vice Chair to consider which applicant would be the best.

It was RESOLVED that Peter Neild would be added to the committee as Finance Manager. Peter will be added to all committee pages and emails. Peter will be present at the meeting Yorkshire Bank and on that date will sign the governing document.

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