Butter Side Up Committee Meeting Thursday 25th August 2016

Present: Ella Nobre-Wachter, Becky Cleary, Michael Hudson

Absent: Lucy Smith-Jones

1) Apologies

Apologies were given by Lucy Smith-Jones. It was agreed that LSJ would read the minutes of the meeting and be caught up by the next meeting

2) Legal Status

It has been advised that to register as a LTD company has a cost of £35. This would register the business as Butter Side Up Theatre Company Ltd but the trading name would be Butter Side Up or Butter Side Up Theatre Company.

It was agreed that Butter Side Up would operate as a Non For Profit business and any and all profits would be invested back into the business.

It was agreed that none of the committee members would take a salary and are volunteering their time and effort.

It was agreed that Butter Side Up is to remain a small Sheffield based business and we are not seeking to expand to multiple groups or multiple locations.

It was RESOLVED that Becky Cleary would look into who or where we need to apply to in order to secure the registered business name of Butter Side Up Theatre Company Ltd. It was agreed this would be researched in time for the next meeting.

3) Banking

Through word of mouth it has been advised that Yorkshire Bank are good bank to sign up as they are simple and helpful with small and start up businesses. Yorkshire Bank is also based in the local area of where Butter Side Up is being set up and run and it was agreed that keeping elements of the business to local companies would be a nice gesture to the area in which the company was founded. It was RESOLVED that Yorkshire bank would be a good choice for these reasons and researching other banks would offer no tangible additions for such a small business.

It was suggested that going into a branch to discuss the financial needs of Butter Side Up would be beneficial in gaining advice from professionals and also operating under the impression that signing up for a business bank account would need to be done in person.

It was agreed to find a time when ENW and BC were both free to go and meet with Yorkshire Bank but if possible Michael Hudson and LSJ would also be present.

It was RESOLVED that Saturday 3rd September would be a suitable time for ENW, BC and MH. LSJ to confirm.

4) Website

It was agreed that LSJ would give an update on the content of the website and what still needed to be done by posting on the BSU Committee Facebook group.

When looking at the cost of registering a domain name for the website, there were several grades of monthly costs with different benefits. Advice from LSJ suggested £5.16 per calendar month which has adequate memory for images etc for the website, no advertisements, the domain name, and more.

It was RESOLVED that all present were in favour of this package. The domain name would be purchased and set up before the end of September and is to be completed only after the business has been set up officially and the bank account set up.

5) External Money Sources

It was suggested that whilst membership fees would make up a large part of the initial cash flow of BSU, there are several options for outside investment which could increase money to put into projects and starting up.

It was agreed that BC would look into the scheme from Sheffield Hallam that can offer financial assistance and advice to businesses being set up by recent graduates.

It was agreed that MH would look into The Prince’s Trust, Arts Grant Schemes, and other charitable causes that way have an interest in investing.

It was RESOLVED that both BC and MH would report back on their findings and provide suggestions at the next committee meeting.

6) Membership

It was suggested that a membership fee of £15 per year would be payable on becoming a member and that involvement in a full project or production would have an additional cost of £5 per member. If a member joined but only took part in workshops and showcase events, they would not pay the additional £5. The additional charge per show is only for full productions.

It was agreed that membership and additional charges were non refundable and to be paid at the start of membership or rehearsal process.

It was RESOLVED that these would be the initial fees for membership and performance and were agreed upon by all present.

It was agreed that MH would amend the draft copy of the membership form to include any updates and to write up the constitution of rules of which membership agree to. This constitution will be made available on the BSU website and provided with the membership form.

It was RESOLVED that this would be done as soon as possible and definitely before the next meeting.

7) Launch Party

It was suggested that a launch event should be held to allow prospective members to come and talk about BSU with the committee and ask any questions they may have about membership and the company as a whole. Membership forms would be available at the event if people chose to complete them.

It was suggested that hosting this meeting in a fairly informal setting would be best such as a pub or bar that could accommodate a large group of people and provide an atmosphere that allowed conversation.

It was suggested that The Graduate, Vodka Revolutions or OMG Sheffield could all be potential venues and further enquiries would have to be made about potential cost of hire or suitability.

It was RESOLVED to hold off on making plans for the launch event until after the legal and financial steps and factors had been completed and considered.

8) Social Media

It was reported that whilst Facebook seems to be a popular social media page, the twitter and instagram pages have received much less support.

It was agreed that BC would create more content for Twitter and Instagram including matching some of the content from the Facebook page. It was suggested to research the twitter accounts of the 200+ people who have liked the Facebook page in hopes that they follow BSU back on twitter if we follow them. It was suggested that following of other theatre groups in the local area and other creative industries and businesses would also increase a following and presence on these two platforms.

It was suggested that image, video, and blog content should be posted on the BSU website and links posted onto social media platforms, to encourage clicks and views on several platforms.

It was RESOLVED that more creative and complex content will be planned and created once the legal and financial steps and factors had been completed and considered.

9) Any Other Business

It was suggested that an additional committee meeting should be held dedicated purely to discussing ideas for media content with LSJ.

It was RESOLVED that a meeting would be planned and scheduled at the next ordinary committee meeting.

It was suggested by MH that at the next meeting they committee should lay down a minimum of a month by month calendar of events for BSU including launch, special meetings, and projects.

It was RESOLVED that this would be added to the agenda of the next meeting.

It was RESOLVED that the next meeting would be held on Saturday 3rd September following a meeting with the bank. Time and location TBC

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