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September 17, 2017

Present: Michael Hudson, Becky Cleary, Lucy Smith Jones

Apologies: Rob Lee, Emily Briddon, Scott Gist, Callam Fellowes, Sarah El-Nayal, Joe Hobson, Emily Capp, Fern Strawson, Danny Grace, Jamie Wainwright.

1) Chairwoman Becky Cleary welcomed everyone to the AGM and gave...

August 4, 2017

Butter Side Up Theatre Company would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting on 16th September at Showroom 5 in The Showroom (see map below).

As stipulated in our governing document, Butter Side Up must hold a meeting that is open to all members wherein the co...

June 7, 2017


Present: Lucy Smith Jones, Becky Cleary and Michael Hudson Absent: None

1) Finance

Before Batman: A Spoof Musical auditions, the current statement of Butter Side Up bank account is £228.13.

Once all show fees and new membership fees have been collected from Batman: A Spo...

April 7, 2017

Present: LSJ BC MH Absent: N/A

1) Minutes and Apologies
All committee members are present and there are no apologies needed.

All committee members confirmed that they have read the previous minutes and agreed they were a true account of the previous meeting.

2) A Series o...

January 9, 2017

Present: BC MH and LSJ

1) Treasurer

Because of the lack of activity and communication from Peter Neild it was agreed to remove him from the committee.

Lucy Smith Jones has previous experience in handling money and the use of spreadsheets and volunteered to take on the res...

Butter Side Up Theatre Company

Committee Meeting

8th October 2016

Present: Becky Cleary, Michael Hudson Absent: Lucy Smith-Jones

1) Apologies

Lucy gave her apologies and was not available.

2) Official Set Up

On 22nd September the three committee members signed the governing d...

Present: Ella Nobre-Wachter, Becky Cleary, Michael Hudson

Absent: Lucy Smith-Jones

1) Apologies

Apologies were given by Lucy Smith-Jones. It was agreed that LSJ would read the minutes of the meeting and be caught up by the next meeting

2) Legal Status

It has been advised th...

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