Our third show was Macbeth by William Shakespeare; performed at Theatre Deli, Eyre Street on 6th & 7th April 2018.

For this production we did things a little different: the part of Macbeth was gender swapped.  Thus altering the dynamic between the core murderous couple: turning the idea of  “behind every man…” diatribe on its head with the ‘woman in the relationship’ acting as both the brains and the brawn.


Set in corporate1980’s, the heyday of excess, ambition ad greed.  The time of Grace Jones, Margaret Thatcher and other powerful women on the rise.  This production saw the protagonist fight for the control of her company, rather than the crown of Scotland, and kill off boorish men in the process.  The themes of this show, while iconic for the new setting, resonate within our current culture of female empowerment and gender and sexual equality.


So, imagine Dynasty, but with murder and lesbianism…


Macbeth - Heather Gibb

Lady Macbeth - Sabrina Senior

Banquo - Michael Winrow

Duncan - Joe Hobson

Malcolm - Robert Place

Macduff - Mobeen Arshan

Witch 1 - Michael Hudson

Witch 2 - Becky Cleary

Witch 3 - Sian Meredith

Lady Macduff - Alison Bresford

Fleance - Bethan Tanner


Director - Bethan Tanner

Producer - Lucy Smith-Jones

Backstage Manager - Jamie Cooke

Props & Costume - Rhiannon Walker

Sound & Lighting - Lucy Smith-Jones

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