The Importance Of Being Earnest was performed at The Library Theatre on 13th July 2019.

Be prepared to have a lot of fun in late-Victorian England, as Jack and Algernon both pretend to be Jacks' brother 'Earnest', a wild dandy. 'Earnest' is a concoction of Jack's that lets him lead a rambunctious life in London and go back to being respectable Jack when in Hertfordshire countryside. However, things become complex when he plans to marry Gwendolyn under the guise of Earnest, and Algernon finds out. Algernon borrows the 'Earnest' alias so as to infiltrate Jacks' countryside life and woo the lovely Cecilia.

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Algernon – Matt Skelton
Jack – Rob Place
Gwen – Becky Cleary
Cecily – Heather Gibb
Lady Bracknell – Sian Meredith
Miss Prism – Sabrina Senior
Reverend Chasuble – Liz Lynch-Smith
Merriman/Lane – Daniel Higgins


Director - Bethan Tanner

Producer - Rhi Walker

Stage Manager - Ellie Madiera

Lighting Technician - Emily Fowler

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