• Butter Side Up Theatre Company is open to any one over the age of 18 at the time of auditions and who has residence in the Sheffield/Barnsley/Rotherham/Doncaster/Chesterfield area for at least 6 months of the calendar year.

  • Butter Side Up Theatre Company is comprised of both Acting and Non Acting members and all members are equal. The amount of performance experience, length of membership or pre-existing relationships are never to play a part in terms of auditions, performances, Committee elections or other judgements made by the Committee or production teams.

  • Members of Butter Side Up are required to pay a membership fee of £15 per year before the date of auditions. An additional £5 is required to be paid by all acting and non acting members who are part of a full production.

  • The Committee shall have the power to fix a maximum number of members for each production, without prejudice to the previous production's members.

  • Members give permission to be filmed by Butter Side Up Theatre Company in rehearsals, performances and workshops. This footage may be shown publicly for promotional purposes. A member may opt out of being filmed or having footage distributed to the public by written request to the committee.


Productions, Auditions and Casting

  • Production teams are assigned based on a proposal process to the Committee. Production teams must be made up of a minimum of Director and Producer. They can choose to propose with other members to the team and the Committee can choose to assign people to the production team if deemed necessary. All members of the production team must be a member of Butter Side Up Theatre Company.

  • Auditions are open to all members. Unless special circumstances are approved by the Committee, only members who audition at the predetermined time will be eligible for consideration.

  • If there is an apparent conflict of interest between a member of the Production team and an auditionee, consideration should be given to that particular Production team member not playing any part in the decision made in respect of that particular auditionee. Any decision made in respect of this provision shall be decided by a simple majority of the production team.

  • The Production team shall have the power to revise the cast from time to time, if any playing members to whom a character has been assigned, shall, in its opinion, prove unsuitable for the part for whatever reason.

  • Should the Production team have any difficulties in casting any part from the auditionees, the problem should be referred to the Committee where an extenuating circumstance can be discussed.


  • Acting members shall, to the best of their ability, play the part assigned to them, whether principal or chorus, and obey the directions given to them at all rehearsals and performances.

  • All members are to conduct themselves in a professional manner and refrain from bullying behaviour of any kind. This includes but is not limited to comments, actions or public online posts in regards to a persons race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, weight, or political beliefs. Any member who believes this behaviour has been conducted will report the the producer or the Committee which will be taken to a private meeting with the Committee and those involved.

  • All members agree to refrain from using mobile phones during a rehearsal and performances.

  • All members agree to refrain from chewing gum of any kind during a rehearsal or a performance unless it is required by the part in the performance.

  • A record of attendance of Acting Members at rehearsals and performances shall be taken by the Producer, and the Committee shall have the power to prohibit any member whose attendance at rehearsals shall have been irregular, from taking part in the performance of the work in preparation. Acting Members absenting themselves without apology from three consecutive rehearsals may, at the discretion of the Committee, be deemed to have resigned their parts in the work then in rehearsal.

  • Members are responsible for the safe keeping, and if applicable, the return of a script or libretto. Failure to comply requires the full replacement cost of the book to be met by the member concerned.

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